Privacy Policy and Data Protection Framework

EDGE and its team are committed to protecting the privacy of its users' data when submitted for contact or visit tracking purposes. This page aims to clarify how this personal data will be processed by EDGE.

Types of Personal Data

Data collected via the EDGE website includes all data from your contact form or from visit tracking systems. The following can be considered examples of data collected:

Purpose of Use of Personal Data

The aforementioned data will be used for the purpose of EDGE contacting potential visitors who show an interest in the future installation of its electric vehicle charging system and for monitoring visitor traffic and worldwide visits to the EDGE website.

Sharing of Personal Data

No data collected via EDGE's communication channels will be shared with third parties and the staff responsible for the EDGE website guarantee its total and strict confidentiality. The data will not be used in any kind of automated process. As previously mentioned, EDGE will only use the data provided to gauge interest in future installations of its system on the part of block of flats owners or managers who wish to take advantage of this technology and to monitor visits to its website. The prices shown are not binding for the time being and are only indicative of the approximate cost of purchasing the system when it becomes available on the market.

Cookies policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are files that a website stores on a user's computer and which are then sent back to the browser when the user visits the website again. The purpose of a cookie is to store information about the user's previous visit and activity in order to maintain their preferences, settings and browsing experience whenever they visit the website again.

EDGE Cookies Policy

The cookies used by the EDGE website are anonymous and do not store any information that could allow the user to be personally identified.

Data Storage

All data received will be stored until all actions and processes relating to its use have been completed. The data will then be deleted one year after the end of its use, but this period may be extended if there is a legal dispute or complaint regarding the information contained in this data.

User Rights

The user has the following rights with regard to all data submitted via the EDGE website:

Consent to Data Processing

Before submitting any data, all users will be asked to give their consent in order to proceed with the submission of their data. No data will be collected on the EDGE website without the express consent of all its users.

Data Protection Contact

Submitting complaints or issues

Should you need to submit a complaint regarding the processing and use of your personal data with regard to breaches of confidentiality or data protection regulations, you can do so through the National Data Protection Committee for your country.